Infinity Services

Rhoda Lee Eaton Richards

Junior HR Administration Clerk

I have not had previous experience in HR and I was drawn to this role as I knew it would be a good chance for me to grow and learn about how a company operates,  meeting employees employers and most of all dealing with their needs. I feel that with this job I can truly learn the importance of time management, meeting deadlines, be efficient, and most of all teamwork. We as an HR team depend on each other as no task is completed by just one person. It goes without saying that HR is also about being an example for what the company stands for , we are the role models from which employees can follow. Obviously with such a role comes responsibility but it also teaches you discipline which is a very valuable asset to achieve especially in the work environment.


Current Role 
My Current role in HR as Junior HR Administration Clerk is to include setting up of new interviews for potential employees, handling sick certificates, responding emails regarding vacancies and dealing with onboarding. Most of my duties are related to recruitment, as it is a top priority to find a suitable candidates, to satisfy the wants and needs of the company and the employer in a timely manner. Every member is dependent on each other so naturally there is a form of trust and unity within this team. It is very important to stay as accurate and uniform as possible as to show seriousness and professionalism within our department as well as a representation for the company. Working in HR brings about many variable tasks and it is also one of the beauties of this job. It is about being able to handle different roles and adapting to all necessary changes to be of better service for the company as well as its employers. 


About Myself
I am an outgoing and very social person inside and outside the workplace, obviously less serious outside. I am a person who loves to be out in the sun and trying new things and making memories. Always creating new adventures with friends and family as we take for granted at times how short life is, so it is important to make the most out of it.  As a person, I do believe that I am always there to lend a helping hand and enjoy being there for others. It Is important to remember that in life you need work-life balance. Finding a healthy balance between both is difficult yet crucial for a happy life. Outside the place of work, I enjoy swimming and reading a good novel by the beach as I find it healthy and relaxing. Another thing about me is that my favourite food is pasta, and I will never say no to dessert as a have a sweet tooth.


‘The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team’ – Phil Jackson.