Infinity Services

Kelly Schembri

HR Coordinator & Payroll Administrator

Having attained my bachelor’s degree in Psychology (honours) in 2017, I have always found myself to be interested in aspects of Organisational Psychology thus this eventually landed me in the HR world. My experience within the M. Demajo Group began in 2018 as a Junior Talent Acquisition Specialist through which I acquired vital experience in terms of recruitment. This aided my later transition into the Human Resources department in 2019, whereby I developed quickly from an HR Administration Clerk to an HR Coordinator.



Current Role 
My current role within the HR Department is HR Coordinator & Payroll Administrator. Our HR services encapsulates many facets such as GDPR, work permits, onboarding and off boarding of employees, payroll, staff development, advertising of vacancies amongst other. I view HR as the department which bridges the gap between employees, employers, and the company, and helps shape that bridge into a healthy environment for every member of that respective company. At the end of the day, Human Resources is about people. Infinity Services Ltd. is the HR function of the M. Demajo Group, and the main aim both as a team and on an individual basis, is to make sure that duties are carried out meticulously. Each member of the team has specific duties for which we are responsible, however, we are also a cross-functional team and believe in the importance of cross training. 


About Myself
Outside of the work environment – I can be described as someone who loves adventures and being active. I have been attending fitness classes for the past 2 years and currently I am more active in doing strength and conditioning training which gives me the necessary boost to end the day in a healthy and positive way.

My preferred activities would be the ones that include nature with family members and friends, this is how I try to achieve a good work-life balance.  I believe a day without laughter is a day wasted which is also a mentality I incorporate into my work environment. Life is meant to be lived and everyday may offer a learning curve to be embraced.


‘When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.’ — Simon Sinek