Infinity Services

Kimberley Micallef​

HR and Payroll Administrator

Prior to my employment within the company I was a full-time student with the University of Malta where in 2018, I acquired my B.Sc. (Hons) in Communication Therapy, so I had little work experience. I started my career within Human Resources as an HR Clerk in 2018, and I haven’t looked back since. Being a quick study, I swiftly caught on with the necessary knowledge to become HR Assistant and then eventually HR & Payroll Administrator within a few years. Working in human resources has taught me many things which I can take with me in my personal life as well as improving who I am as a person. Having started this career at such a young age, the discipline and other attributes acquired through the workplace have helped me develop and mature more as a person and so I can say that this work, company and lovely team dynamic have helped form who I am today.

Current Role 
My speciality falls within the remit of single permits, employment licences, onboarding, off boarding, probationary/trial Periods, and other changes to employment type/role within a company. In simpler terms, I am the key person to assist in the foundations maintaining the employee’s life cycle within a company. Besides the aforementioned, I have also recently taken ownership of anything required by/related to two particular companies as well as issuing payrolls for a total of four companies. Together with my colleagues we share the workload in such a way to ensure the highest level of efficiency as well as timeliness, these being the key factors required in order to maintain single permits, employment licences and payroll duties, all of which have deadlines to be met.


About Myself
Outside of work, I am an only child, happily living on my own with my furry children being two cats whom I adore. I also have another 450 Kilo ‘baby’, a French-trotter Horse who of course must stay in the stables as it can be rather difficult for him to fit in the apartment, much less in the elevator leading up to it. In my private life, I spend most of my free time with animals, be it horse-back riding, playing with my own cats or volunteering with local sanctuaries, it usually leaves me with little to no time to do anything else. Should I spare a few hours in the day, I enjoy watching movies or series in the evenings or during Winter, whereas during Summer I try and fit in some beach time to go for a dip. Having such hands-on past-times helps me disconnect from the world as well as any work thoughts, thus helping me maintain a healthy work-life balance throughout.

“Alone we can do so Little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller